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247FareReservation – Terms and Conditions

This section contains the terms and conditions that govern how the 247FareReservation website may be used. We believe you agree to these terms and conditions by using this website. If the terms and conditions listed on this page are not acceptable to you, do not use the 247FareReservation website.


As your agent, we make bookings on your behalf by entering into an agreement with you as the supplier(s) or principal(s), which might be a cruise line, airline, operator, or hotel chain, as specified on your receipt (s). Furthermore, we could hold onto a vacation offer for you under which we have a contract with you, or we might hold onto a service or services under which you have separate agreements with every supplier or principle. We do not bear any liability as a delegate for the actions or insufficiencies of the suppliers or principals, or for any services rendered. Reservations will be subject to the terms and conditions of the suppliers or providers; it is advised that you carefully review these as they include crucial information. If you haven't already, ask for copies of the terms and conditions that apply to the circumstance.


We utilize cookies in our operations. You accepted the usage of cookies in accordance with 247FareReservation's privacy policy by using the website. Cookies are used by most interactive websites to enable us to get the user's information each time they visit. Our website uses cookies to make some sections functioning and to make it simpler for users to navigate. Cookies may also be used by a few of our affiliates and advertising partners. Creating hyperlinks to our content without our previous written consent, the following organizations are permitted to link to our website: Government agencies, search engines, news outlets, online directory distributors, and system-wide accredited businesses may link to our website in the same way that they link to the websites of other listed businesses, with the exception of non-profit organizations that are soliciting donations, charity shopping centers, and charity fundraising groups, which are not permitted to link to our website. If the link satisfies the following requirements, it may be used by these organizations to access our home page, publications, or other website content: (a) it must not be misleading in any manner; (b) it must not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of the linking party and its goods and/or services; and (c) it must be appropriate given the context of the linking party's website. Generally recognized consumer and/or business information sources; dot.com community sites; associations or other groups representing charities; online directory distributors; internet portals; accounting, law, and consulting firms; educational institutions; and trade associations are some of the other types of organizations whose link requests we may take into consideration and approve.

Content Liability

Any content that appears on your website will not be held against us. You commit to safeguarding and defending us from any claims arising from your website. There should be no link(s) on any website that might be seen as defamatory, pornographic, or illegal, or that violates, advocates, or infringes upon the rights of other parties.


Passengers have the option to confirm that their trip itinerary is correct and that all of the entries they have made or supplied, including names, dates, and times, correspond to the information on their passports. In addition, changes to bookings and tickets are not allowed; nevertheless, there may be extra fees. All of the information provided will be verified by the principal and supplier(s) throughout the reservation process. Make sure the name, travel time, and date on the receipt(s) are correct by checking them again. Please get in touch with our specialists straight away if any modifications are required. Please let us know as soon as possible if any adjustments are required. In addition, there are no exchanges, refunds, or transfers for any of the issued tickets.

Any linked supplier(s) or other person participating in the travel arrangements will have access to the information you provide to us when making bookings. If required by officials or law, passenger information will be sent to public authorities, such as immigration and customs. This includes vital information on diet, religion, and disabilities as well. Please get in touch with us straight away if any adjustments are required. Moreover, there are no exchanges, refunds, or transfers for any of the issued tickets.

A refund or the ability to modify the traveler's flight will not be granted if the person does not arrive at the airport at least three hours before the planned departure time. All of the travel documents, including visas, that passengers obtain are also their responsibility.


For the reservation to be considered genuine, the customer must pay in whole or in installments. Should the travelers only pay a portion of the whole amount, the outstanding amount needs to be settled before the deadline. The principal(s) or supplier reserves the right to cancel the booking(s) if the payment is not received within or on time. Moreover, there may be reimbursement for the cancellation costs mentioned in the terms of the reservation.


We provide a link between travelers and travel service providers. We don't control or own any travel-related businesses. We make no claims about being airlines or connected to any airlines. The entire branding is genuine and just intended for aesthetic effect; it indicates no affiliation with any airline or organization.

Note: Regarding our website and the use of our website, we make no representations, guarantees, or conditions, to the fullest degree allowed by applicable law. This disclaimer shall not be construed to limit or exclude our liability for death or personal injury; our liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; our liability for any other kind of liability that is not permitted by applicable law; or our liability for any other liability that may not be excluded under applicable law. We shall not be responsible for any kind of loss or harm as long as the website, its contents, and services are offered without charge.

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