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Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

How Can I Choose a Seat on Turkish Airlines? | A Complete Guide

How Can I Choose a Seat on Turkish Airlines? | A Complete Guide

Turkish Airlines strives to improve customer comfort and happiness by providing a thorough seat Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy. Passengers can choose their seats when making a reservation or subsequently on the airline’s website or mobile app. 

Passengers may choose their preferred seats during the seat (selecting) selection process, including aisle or window seats, seats with more legroom, or seats close to the front of the aircraft. Turkish Airlines also provides seat selection for families or groups travelling together so everyone is seated. 

Furthermore, passengers with particular needs—like those needing help or those with disabilities—can ask for alternative seating arrangements to meet their needs.

How does seat selection work On Turkish Airlines?

You must know about Turkish Airlines seat (choose) selection policy. On most US airlines, you’ll get assigned a seat at check-in or the gate if you still need one. Some airlines make it seem like you must select a seat during checkout or check-in.

If you’re travelling on a long-haul international all-airlines flight, your fare may include a standard seat, or you can purchase one in advance using paid seat select in the hope you will select a seat in an emergency case. You can change your seat to another seat of the same or lesser value at any time or on any airline.

How to Request a Seat Selection on Turkish Airlines

Now, you can typically choose your seat at Turkish Airlines by yourself.

To choose (or select a seat on a Turkish Airlines Flight), you can typically do so online through their website or by contacting customer service at +1 888-851-9909. Follow these procedures to request a seat selection on the Turkish Airlines website: Access your Turkish Airlines account online once your travel is scheduled. Go to the “Manage Booking” area to see your booking information. 

Pick “Seat Selection” and follow the instructions to choose your favourite seats. Verify your selection and pay any relevant fees, if any. A confirmation email containing your selected seat assignment will be sent to you. Get in touch with Turkish Airlines customer support for further help.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Guidelines

Turkish Airlines offers customers a range of flexible seat selection alternatives to improve their overall travel experience. During booking or at a later time, passengers may choose their favourite seat via the airline’s mobile app, website, or check-in counter at the airport. 

Passengers may choose aisle, window, or extra legroom seats according to their preferences during the seat selection procedure. Families or other travelling groups may also select their tickets in advance to guarantee a seat together. Travellers with particular needs or impairments might request assistance or unique seating arrangements. 

Turkish Airlines makes an effort to respect customer preferences and make sure every passenger has a relaxing flight.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Method

Turkish Airlines offers a variable seating arrangement to its guests. When making a reservation, passengers may choose their seats on the airline’s website, via a mobile app, or at the airport check-in counter. Families and group seating and seats with additional legroom, windows, or aisle access are available. 

Requests for exceptional help or accommodations for passengers with disabilities may be fulfilled, guaranteeing a pleasant travel experience for all customers.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Fee – Charges

Turkish Airlines allows its customers to pick their desired seat in advance by providing them with this choice. However, confident seat choices may increase costs depending on the route, ticket class, and other variables. 

For an additional cost, passengers may choose between economical comfort seats with more legroom or preferred seats for more comfort. 

Here are the Turkish Airlines seat selection fees:

RouteFlight ClassFees
THY international flightsEconomy Class9.00 USD – 39.00 USD
THY international flightsEconomy Class19.00 USD – 249.00 USD
THY international flights AnadoluJet domestic andEconomy Class19.00 USD - 139.00 USD
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus flightsEconomy Class59.00 TRY - 249.00 TRY

What happens if you Select a Seat on a Turkish Airlines Flight?

When you choose a seat on a Turkish Airlines aircraft, you reserve your desired configuration for the whole trip. This guarantees that you may sit where it is most comfortable, whether beside the window for a view, in an aisle seat for easy access, or in a particular area of the aircraft. 

If you’re travelling with others, choosing a seat may also help you guarantee you sit next to them.

Online via Turkish Airlines Official Website

To make an online reservation on Turkish Airlines’ official website, do the following actions:

1. Go to the Website

2. Choose the Details of Your Trip

3. Select Your Aircraft

4. Decide on Your Flight

5. Enter Traveler Data

6. Select Extra Services

7. Examine and Verify

8. Send Money

9. Obtain Verification

10. Arrival

And that’s it! Your online reservation for a flight with Turkish Airlines has been completed. Happy travels!

What Documents are Required for a Seat Selection On Turkish Airlines?

You usually require your booking reference or ticket number, passenger information, access to the airline’s website or app, and a payment mechanism to choose a seat on Turkish Airlines. Although not necessary, having your travel schedule on hand is beneficial. The choice of seat might be influenced by availability and any relevant costs.


Ans. Turkish Airlines passengers may choose from a variety of preferred seats. While some prioritize window or aisle seats for more incredible views or quicker access, others choose seats with more legroom.

Ans. It is often possible to upgrade your seat after making a Turkish Airlines reservation. If you’re a part of their frequent flyer club, you may use your miles or points to pay for upgrades.

Ans. Turkish Airlines typically allows customers to pick their seats during the booking process. However, the time may change depending on ticketing requirements, membership status, and price class.

Ans. Yes, you can choose your seat while making a reservation on Turkish Airlines’ website, mobile app, or by calling customer care after making a reservation.