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Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

If you discovered that the name on your airline ticket was incorrect, it may have been the result of a hasty reservation or a distracted customer. Don’t worry, Allegiant Air to offered at a low cost for name change on flight tickets,and Allegiant offers scheduled economy-only flights to around 40 states. Like any other low-cost airline, Allegiant provides packages that just include flights; all other travel-related services are available as extras, at extra cost. This includes necessary services like name repairs and revisions as well. 

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy offers assistance for any issues, including name errors on tickets, if you made your reservation via them. With appropriate evidence, travelers can amend the incorrect name on their tickets according to Allegiant’s “change name on ticket” policy. Requests for name modifications can be submitted by phone or on the official website. Allegiant Air charges for name changes and corrections on flight tickets; spelling errors, typos, and legal name changes are covered under the Airline’s name change policy. Given the Airline’s low-cost operating style, it seems that the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy should be brief, straightforward, and limiting.

What is Allegiant Air’s Name Change Policy?

With Allegiant Airlines’ innovative Name Change Policy, embark on a voyage where your identity soars. Allegiant stands apart from the competition in a world where convenience is crucial, as it provides travelers with a simple way to change their trip information. 

The name change policy of Allegiant Air allows only name correction. Complete Name Change are only permitted if they are due to marriage or divorce and are backed by proper legal authorities. However, name corrections are only allowed up to four characters. Therefore, to avoid boarding hurdles and minimize accommodating issues, make sure you check all the details twice.

This is in accordance with Allegiant’s revised ticketing guidelines. On their airline tickets, passengers can make the necessary name modifications. Passengers may, however, only alter their name in accordance with the law in cases of marriage or divorce and only with the backing of official documentation.

  • Passengers may change up to four characters of a misspelled name on their Allegiant ticket.
  • Within 24 hours after purchasing the ticket and up to seven days before the departure date, customers may request a name change without incurring any fees.
  • Only lawful reasons, such as marriage or divorce, may be given for a complete last name change. You will need to send a copy of your legal documents.
  • A maximum of one hour prior to the planned departure time, passengers in business class and flex trip are able to make changes to their reservation.
  • Sometimes, it is impossible to get your name corrected on the ticket. You must buy a new ticket and cancel your existing reservation.
  • Allegiant Air tickets cannot have their names changed. In other words, a traveler cannot give their ticket to someone else.
  • Travelers can utilize the official website, customer service line, and airport help desk to modify the passenger’s name on Allegiant Air tickets.
  • If a third-party agent assisted you in booking your ticket, be sure to get in touch with their customer service representative right away.
  • Only tickets booked through the official Allegiant website or customer service phone line are eligible for name changes by customers.

Documents Required for Allegiant Air Change Name on Ticket

If a little typo has to be corrected, passengers may easily use the Airline’s website to get it changed. The Airline does not need to see any official papers. If there is a legal name adjustment or any significant event, specific types of documentation are required for the process. To enable the required adjustments, these papers must be turned in within the specified time range. Present any of the following papers to the appropriate authority in order to have your name updated on your airline ticket:

  • Passport
  • Govt issued ID
  • Any legal documents
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Mariage Certificate

What Is Allegiant Air Name Change Fee?

A name change or correction charge may apply from Allegiant Air, depending on the nature of the request. But within 24 hours of making the reservation, you may get a free correction if you fix the misspelled name on the Allegiant ticket. Additionally, the cost is determined by the request for a name change.

Allegiant Air Name Change Costs between $200 and $250 USD for the delicate process of changing a name up to four letters, plus the quiet hum of the fare difference. A very careful performance that makes sure your identity is in harmony with the ticket. If you need to add or remove a middle name, or if your name has to be corrected with more than four letters, you can be charged USD 225. However, if you want to add, change, or delete a title, suffix, or prefix, you could have to spend $175 USD.


Allegiant Air is aware that typographical mistakes, changes in last names as a result of marriage or divorce, and misspellings are too common to be avoided. In order to solve the problem of name errors on tickets, the Airline, while being a low-cost carrier, provides name change and correction services to travelers as well as a well-thought-out name change policy. There are no superfluous regulations or instructions in this brief and concise policy. Regarding valid name changes and name errors on airline tickets, Allegiant Air Name Change Policy provides sufficient clarity to assist travelers.


Ques: What are the fees for a name change due to marriage/divorce?

Ans: Allegiant Air Name Change Fee ranges between $175 and $250 USD if you change it due to marriage or divorce. For more details, you should contact airlines support service.

Ques: How do I change my name on Allegiant Air to an online flight ticket?

Ans: By using the Manage Booking feature on the official website, you can fix minor errors in your name. In case, major name change or complete name change, you need to pay certain fees, therefore contact Allegiant’s Customer Care Support.

Ques: Can I travel on Allegiant Airlines without a middle name?

Ans: It is possible to travel on flights without having a middle name. It is generally not a problem to travel without a middle name on your ticket, even though it is advised to provide precise and comprehensive information when making your reservation.

Ques: What happens if I miss the deadline for a minor name correction?

Ans: In such case, you need to contact Allegiant’s Customer Care Support and inform them about your concern. You may be asked to pay certain amount for not meeting the deadline of name correction. 

Ques: How can I request the Allegiant Air Name Correction Policy?

Ans: You can use both online and offline mode to raise your request of Allegiant Air Name Correction Policy. It is advisable to use Online mode as it is simple. You can log-in to the official website of the Airline and use Manage Booking feature for the same.

Ques: Does Allegiant offer any name change waiver?

Ans: Yes, if there is minor name change then the Airline won’t charge you any fee.